October 2017 – Pink Hope – Susan G Komen Fund

Purchase any Pink Hope – any style – and Ali & Joe will donate 50% of the sale to the Susan G Komen fund to help support Breast Cancer Awareness. To purchase choose your shirt style and choose the Pink Hope symbol!!! Can be added to ANY STYLE, ANY CUT, ANY COLOR!

February 2017 – Cycling for Survival

this month marked Cycle for Survival and i was so lucky to have my items be on many of the riders backs this year across various parts of the country.  Such a good cause, people get so passionate and I’m loving how the looks turned out this year – – – – can’t wait to rock October when we do Breast Cancer awareness month too!

January 2017 – Mexico

the second trip to Mexico was another huge success – I had so many items that I had tried to stencil on and for whatever reason the stencil hadn’t worked on the style so I had many many blank items which I felt rather than throw away I would give to Sarah to take to the villages she was seeing this trip.  I also had a conversation with her about “long sleeved” items – should we send them or not? – we umed and arhed about it and I’m so glad we put a few in the box because the girls asked for the long sleeves because the evenings get cool and so I already know what I’m planning to send for 2018 (and i might try my best to join too) we all have so much to give – and giving makes you heart happy – share and love – love and share.  Namaste

January 2017 – Ladies Line

launching a ladies specific line has been a passion of mine – my styles cross over all the time and for me to find items that i can stencil on but that also have a great body shape and feel good while being worn was really important to me – more often than not i make them for myself, love how they feel and fit and then share them with my network – it’s grown out of the love of the stencil, the snip of the style and the fabric itself – launching this summer (info Fall2017) ladies . . . .

January 2017

Teaching my own classes of Corebar has been a real treat for me to share my passion for working out and this heart healthy cardio blast class which leave us all breathless but eager to do it again next week.

I now teach at 3 locations and i love it – i sandwich in between studio work, picking up the kids, walking the dogs and yoga (my other health obsession) – I have been fortunate enough to present a lot of my tees to my clients and have garnered a nice little business in workout tees (clients love the cuts) so you might see on in a Spin studio or a barre studio- either way there “ no crying in class”

December 2016 – DISNEY or bust!!

Talk about major planning!!! – I had never been, my kids had never been and my husband had gone when he was very little SO we planned, packed and got on the plane and we DID Disney in a major way!

So much fun, so overwhelming, and so many awesome memories – you have to do it and you have to do it up big!

Advise – plan every second during the day but save some time for just “being in the moment” at night – there’s something so breathtaking about the sights and sounds of Disney at night – the fireworks, the light shows and the inedible castle! – Most Magical Place on Earth.

December 2016

What a fantastic fun fundraiser to support the gymnastic team @ Aeon Gymnastic and fitness center.  Not only did we make some pretty cut customs, we also raised over $200 to support the teams goals.  Thanks for participating and wearing your customs.

mission to Mexico

mission to mexico

– in 2016 http://www.markethouseshoplocal.com/ went on a mission to one of the poorest towns in Mexico – together with many donations from the various vendors and customers that come to the store they rasied funds to buy essential items for the families who live there.  Ali&joe was able to donate t-shirts, onesies and dresses for so many of the children of the villages and bring a little custom joy to these children.  The highlight was going to a school where children hadn’t had an new items their entire lives were given a new shirt – or dress and told “this is an original made just for you”.

the smiles and the appreciation has resonated in me and has filled me heart with joy – to be able to bring something to these children who have little to nothing will stay with me forever.  Pay it forward.


Girl Power / Fight Like a Girl

fundraiserpic1Ali & Joe is proud to be donating 40% of the proceeds of this shirt in support of this incredible foundation.

spoil me pink” is an a exclusive complimentary program, designed to give breast cancer survivors, or those currently battling breast cancer, a day to escape the trials of treatment and its effects by having a chance to enhance their new selves in a fun and positive way. We are treating newly diagnosed survivors to a one of a kind experience. We will help them feel gorgeous with a beauty makeover and personalized style session while they enjoy some homemade treats.



stencilblogpostIt seems that because my technique is so original many of my clients are surprised when I explain the process – I can’t control the color of the stencil, it’s simply the way the fabric interprets the color when the spray reacts to it. No screens, nothing overlapping just one process that chemically reacts to the qualities in the fabrics – sometimes cream, peach, red tones and greys come out its frankly always a surprise! – awesome right 🙂 My line doesn’t carry white or black because my process doesn’t work on them – white has no color to remove and black turns the stencil area Orange (perfect only for Halloween!!).

Ali & Joe uses a one of a kind stenciling technique.  This is not a screen print but rather a color extraction process that removes the color from the shirt around the area of the stencil revealing a surface pattern that doesn’t fade, doesn’t run and most of all doesn’t go out of style.