Rise Like a Phoenix


When I heard about The Phoenix school through a good friend who’s daughter has Autism, I was eager to support and help if I could. I have been looking for some time for an organization that I could help develop a design for and this seemed perfect. It was weirdly cathartic because I had already developed a design for Ava Cantrell and her “Ava’s wings” and it happened that my good friends daughter’s name was Ava as well so it seemed fitting and “meant to be” to combine the designs – so in collaboration with the schools mantra I developed a design that would fit into the schools values but also relate on a broader level to all kids . . . . “rise like a phoenix


Ava Cantrell

avacantrellpolaroid2Into my DM comes a lovely message one morning, “Hi, This is Ava Cantrell – I LOVE your items, I LOVE the “shake it off” tee, can you make this for me and also can you help develop some designs so I can wear them? – I don’t know if you know me but I’m an actress on various formats and most recently I play Penelope Pritchard on The Haunted Hathaways on Nickelodeon.”

OK – hold the phone!!!!

Of course I responded, struck up an awesome creative conversation – loved every minute of designing with her and offered to run a “giveaway” for her super cool supporters (she calls them #avasangels) so a relationship was formed along with some awesome designs and even more incredible pictures and I’m so happy to be working with her and her team to develop her “look and the overall brand” – she is such a cutie 🙂


And then I launched a website…

Website2“one of my major goals this year in 2015 is garnering the retail reach. I connect with my customers through social media and that has been my main avenue for orders thus far. I have picked up traction through the latter part of last year and more so the beginning of this (and my followers grow daily) So it made sense to venture into the business of online sales. But I needed someone dedicated, sharp minded and resourceful – someone willing to go the extra mile, research and help me develop a site that could manage the scope of what I do. It needed to have multi-functions – be built on my extremely “a la`Carte” values, with many platforms for customization – I needed to offer my clients the advantage of “designing and developing” custom every time – tees, onesies, hoodies, zip ups and even maternity tees – but with a “coding” that would work and be interesting to look at and “wander” through. . . . and so today January 23rd 2015 after much blood – sweat and tears I’m SO happy to announce the launch of Ali & Joe.com and I want to thank Pam Ball of Pam Ball Designs for her dedication and persistence to “try it”, “change it”, “enter it”, “change it again”. She has been invaluable to me and my vision. I have grown to trust and admire her and can’t wait to continue this partnership and grow this business with her help.
Please shop, tour, read, browse, contact, interact, order and research, find out where I came from, check out my blog and don’t hesitate to contact me – I’m so proud to say . . . welcome to www.aliandjoe.com


Bat Mitzvah

Picture2“So in 2015, I have so many new ideas, designs and “plans” for the business – this was my first Bat Mitzvah project – I LOVE how they came out and I LOVE that Jordan helped to create something original and unique for her friends, no one will forget this original idea . . . making it custom every time and original for all the party guests . . .  Mazel Tov Jordan”ElizaSig


Happy Birthday to me!

Picture1“I’m not a fan of January birthdays but whatcha gonna do! — generally there’s a snow storm and inevitably we end up huddled around a fire in some local bar . . . Last year was the big 40 so this year I treated myself to a pair of k-deer leggings – smiled at myself in the mirror and taught a high energy class at the gym. I reminded myself I’m fitter, healthy, smarter and wiser than I was last year . . . . and so I’m feeling pretty accomplished, make waves – try new things – push yourself to be better – learn a new skill – make new friends and surprise yourself . . . and get some k.deers!”


Happy Birthday Boys!

happybirhtdayboys-another successful birthday for the boys . . . time ticks on, kids get big, friendships grow and life moves fast . . . take time to mark the moments that will create memories. Boys boot-camp/dodge-ball/tug of war party – check!


Fresh Healthy Snacks

freshhealthysnacks– took to teaching my daughter the value of fresh food, healthy snacks and good food groups . . . we make our sauces from scratch – cook batches of veggies to make dinners easier and keep fresh fruit on hand as a good alternate to grabbing a bag of chips . . .


Home-Based Business

homebasedbusiness– sometimes people don’t realize what goes into each step of a home grown business – I don’t even know if I’m doing it right! – I worked in the fashion industry for over 12 years and I watched talented people making sales decisions, merchandisers working with layouts and mannequins, production discussing costing and prices on wholesale. Then I would witness teams of people developing line-sheets / excel files / PDF files and countless “re-dos” . . . I never was on those teams, I worked in the world of design/ color and print development – but not now! Now I’m everything, everyone and everywhere . . . the printers know me, the UPS guy knows me, the post office clerk knows me and of course my clients look forward to hearing my British accent on the other line when I touch base on product . . . it’s a labor of love – a commitment and a passion . . . that comes together 1 link at a time.