New Studio

newstudio– brand new studio with a view . . . it feels good to take the space in which you work seriously.


Children’s Club

childrensclub– there is always a sense of excitement laced with intimidation when I get to this part of the year . . . I enter into the ring with the big guns and I peddle my custom line to the stores that find my custom product appealing . . . it’s like the little fish in the big pond.

Bat Pose


– so today I pushed myself – I decided to try it, listened hard to the instructor pushed up and inverted into this awesome pose – yeah the blood was in my head and I thought “this could be it” but then I smiled and actually it felt really good.
Push yourself to try out new things – take a chance and make it happen.


Happy Birthday Georgia!



– so my beloved puppy turned 15 and boy we gave her a great party – she has been the most loyal loving gentle dog that we could have ever asked for – back in the day she would tough it with the big dogs in Hoboken – run the length of the boardwalk along the Hudson River – catch a Frisbee mid air and enjoy an autumn hike to the GW Bridge. Now she prefers to snooze in the sun , watch over the kids as they play and snuggle up by the feet of anyone who is near by – we love you Georgia xxx


And Relax . . . Oh Wait a Minute!


– so as Mums we are always on the go and working mums never rest – then small business owner Mum’s have an insane knack at multitasking so when you get 5 minutes to enjoy the sofa that isn’t full of clothes to fold, homework assignments to check or an assortment of iTouches – phones and iPads to maneuver around you can actually get to lie down and relax . . . . oh wait a minute someone ALWAYS has to sit on me!!!! – don’t get me wrong I LOVE IT 🙂


The Giving Key

– my new find is this website called The Giving Key – it’s unique way of turning trash into treasure. They take old keys, clean them up and inscribe them with positive words of wisdom. I chose inspire for my first key – it makes me feel inspired and inspires others. The best part of this company is the emphasis on paying it forward to others. They hire the homeless with a view to rehabilitate them back into society and allow them to take pride in the work they are doing. Once you’ve worn your key the idea is to then find someone who needs the word more than you and you “gift” the giving key to them so that they can continue to utilize the word on the key for their life and then they pay it forward – unlocking doors and hearts, chapters and journeys for others. . . I love the message – take a look at their site – I already have a second key and my job is to now “inspire” and “create” but more importantly who will I pay my keys forward to?


Plating Made Fun



– this evening I offered up my kids a delightful meal and thought it’d be nice if I garnished it with oranges and flowers, my son finished his whole plate – FLOWER INCLUDED! – oops”

The Art of Nails


– to be honest I don’t know if it’s a hobby or an obsession but when my hands spend more of their time inside rubber gloves I could never keep them polished and neat – since discovering shellac I’m in 7th heaven – nail art is such a hot trend and one I’m happily enjoying! – thank you Katy Perry . . . ElizaSig

Vendor Day



– the past week I was invited to an awesome vendor day at the Canteen in Westwood NJ – I love meeting clients, love helping to pick out a custom design and I love offering all those awesome campsters something unique and personal for the summer season – happy visiting day all.