The Dark Knight



– so when my son decided to chase after his little brother and landed “funny” on his ankle – the only thing for a black cast was a custom painted BATMAN – oh yeah this was one cool accident!  ElizaSig


Praise Be To The Hamptons



– thank you to me for having amazing friends who invite us places, show us a good time and get us out of the hustle and bustle of life – sometimes all your need is a beach, some sun, a good laugh and cat ears!



Obessed Much?



– ok so this might be my new obession – hanging out in my “aerial fitness hammock”! – of course one must match it with sensational Kdeer ( yoga pants – offered at the gym I belong too (fitnaholics unanimous) it’s a mix of suspension training – barre method and spiritual awakening – wait till the cocoon part!!!



Make it Special!



– so I try to do something for my kids birthday every year that’s – special – different and custom (the mantra through out my life) of course limo isn’t custom BUT they had a blast and it was what she wanted – any parent wants the best for their child, they want them to shine, they want them to sparkle – my daughter and her friends are good girls, happy, well adjusted and unique – love these faces (and of course the Zara Terez dress!)




I’m 40 – So What!



– so I just turned 40, my girl friends took me to Miami – I got a tattoo – that’s all I can legally write about!!!!! haha


I Can Do That!


 – so I joined the gym a year ago – it’s a boutique gym specializing in custom classes (you know I love custom) – I needed to work out – I need to fit it into my daily routine and I needed results fast! – fitnholics Unanimous works for me and has enabled me to achieve great things for my body – it’s a discipline and I’m SO NOT disciplined so I fall off the wagon but I try and because they offer so many classes that can focus on what you need it’s an all round body conditioning gym.

This spring (a year after joining) marked a big moment – I got certified in a style of fitness that I LOVE – Corebar ® is a high energy interval training exercise that you do to fab music – continuous movement – fast paced routines and then a centric core burn balance portion that leaves you dripping in sweat and completely energized – I’m hooked!


Home to me!




– I know it’s not technically home now but I’m English – I’m an English girl and I’m from the country – a country English girl. I grew up outside, I grew up in the fields – playing, exploring, imagining and dreaming – these are my parents homes.

My Mum’s home (to the right) in Ironbridge Shropshire UK and my Dad’s home (to the left) in Batcome Somerset UK – I miss the country – I miss the smell – I miss my parents and I miss English Chocolate – mmmm – it’ll always be home”

Egg Painting – Mermaid on the Rocks


– every year I host an Easter party – my family is both Jewish and Christian so we enjoy many holiday traditions – this one is taken all the way from England – we roll eggs (least smashed wins!) we decorate and I try and come up with the most unique egg design each year — NO ONE CAN BEAT ME!ElizaSig




– that moment when your daughter looks like a teenager – wears shorty shorts and can fit into your heals! – that’s allElizaSig

Capture the Moment

– when your kids are getting along whilst doing HOMEWORK! – nuff said ElizaSig