stencilblogpostIt seems that because my technique is so original many of my clients are surprised when I explain the process – I can’t control the color of the stencil, it’s simply the way the fabric interprets the color when the spray reacts to it. No screens, nothing overlapping just one process that chemically reacts to the qualities in the fabrics – sometimes cream, peach, red tones and greys come out its frankly always a surprise! – awesome right 🙂 My line doesn’t carry white or black because my process doesn’t work on them – white has no color to remove and black turns the stencil area Orange (perfect only for Halloween!!).

Ali & Joe uses a one of a kind stenciling technique.  This is not a screen print but rather a color extraction process that removes the color from the shirt around the area of the stencil revealing a surface pattern that doesn’t fade, doesn’t run and most of all doesn’t go out of style.